Simon Fanta

Simon Fanta is an innovative solo-artist hailing from Graz, Austria. Currently residing in Orlando area, Simon has also collaborated with producers and songwriters in the East Coast of the United States. Simon’s extraordinary musical talent was apparent when he began playing piano at the age of seven and singing at the age of thirteen. Simon went on to study jazz singing and piano at the Graz University of Music and Dramatic Arts. After university, Simon proceeded to front the crowd-pleasing Austrian band Melounge, while also producing his on music on the side. Simon is self-made man in every sense of the word – he writes, records, and produces all from his home studio in Vienna. Simon is excited to launch his solo career with the unveiling of his first EP in September, 2015. Simon’s style is cutting-edge and eclectic, blending electronic beats and alternative grooves with captivating lyrics. Help support and spread the word about this up-and-coming young artist by sharing his social media pages and purchasing his music on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

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